The Serger & Overlock Master Guide

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This is the most comprehensive and up to date book about sergers available covering all skill levels from basic to expert. Although advanced topics are covered the book is easy to navigate and understand. Many people find threading a serger to be difficult, so an entire chapter is dedicated to threading and basic use. The book goes on to cover advanced topics such as troubleshooting, adjustment, maintenance & repair. Covered in-depth are adjusting tension, stitches, decorative stitches, needles, feet, thread and more. From home sergers to industrial overlock machines and coverstitch machines many of the latest machines are featured with insights on features, capabilities and best use for each model or class of machine. Buying a serger can be frustrating and time consuming because of the overwhelming number of features and types of machines that are available. The buying recommendations will help you cut through the confusion and figure out what features you really need. Most people have a love/hate relationship with their serger. Everything is great when the machine is working good but most people hate them when frustrating problems arise. This book will empower you to eliminate the hate part of the relationship and put you in control of the machine. In depth sections on adjusting tension and troubleshooting will help you handle most problems (and know which problems not to tackle). Above all sergers are creative tools. If you know and understand the tools you can use them efficiently and effectively. For sewing machines check out our top selling companion book “The Sewing Machine Master Guide” and for sewing machine basics “The Sewing Machine Quick Guide”. The Serger and Overlock Master Guide was written as both an eBook and print book using optimized reflowable formatting for a perfect presentation on small or large devices. Everything from a basic eBook reader or Kindle to a large screen PC or Mac is supported. Why the low price? Electronic publishing and print-on-demand is used with distribution to more than 80 countries worldwide. The pricing reflects this new technology and distribution model.

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